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VMobile Friendly, excellent design
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TagSlut is a porn pin site, dedicated to finding and linking to all the best porn around the web. Does TagSlut succeed? Well, that is dependent on the site’s community – if they like porn that you enjoy, then yes, Tag Slut succeeds, because…. The design at TagSlut is intuitive, the navigation minimal and simple to use, the user features excellent, and all around it’s simply a great joy to use. That is, as long as you’re alright with simple, single images, and not galleries or videos. I also didn’t find many GIFs during my time with TagSlut.

With all that said, I can recommend Tagslut only if TagSlut is what you’re looking for – a community fed board of hot porn images for your viewing enjoyment. For many of us, TagSlut will be forgettable, but for those who want what it is, it might very well be indispensable.

Visit: TagSlut

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