2.3 (46.67%) 3 votes

VMinimal ads and popups
VExcellent variety in the library of content on offer
VContents tends to excellent, professional quality - but amateur is also available
XPorn is sourced elsewhere, some is cut

Tube Dupe is the site that we’ve come around to looking at, another free porn site site. This one has a very complete list of over two hundred individual categories – and that’s just straight stuff, mind you, not counting gay or shemale which Tube Dupe also offers – with most categories seeing at least a hundred individual clips. Some categories, though, have as much as five or ten thousand individual movies, and so the library is quite extensive and varied. Popups are fairly minimal, as is advertising – they’ve been implemented at Tube Dupe about how you’d expect, in fact, and that’s just fine. There’s nothing egregious here like ads in the content lists or obscuring the content. There are ads on the pause screens, but I think that’s pretty expected these days.

That said, some or most of the content isn’t full videos, but rather cuts from other sites. Still, they’re generous, tending toward ten minutes or longer. If you don’t mind shorter porn, or if you’re just looking for a new porn tube site, Tube Dupe is, despite the perhaps odd name, far from a bad choice. I’m sure you’ll enjoy any time you choose to spend with this site.


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