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Here at ThePornMap we think adult entertainment industry workers rights come before industry profits. This is why we started writing and talking about it, and sharing our space for the cause. ThePornMap is listening to our porn stars.

Last update on February 27, 2020

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Porn Workers Please Stand Up

Find Your Shame. Manage Anxiety. Know Your Worth. Reclaim Power. Face Stigma. Stay United.  (And Thanks Pineapple)   Miss Leya Tanit started something that was needed in the adult entertainment industry. She was a BDSM performer, and producer. Then she stopped for a while. When she came back under the spotlight at 2018 XBiz Awards, she was shocked to learn how many people had passed that year, particularly the devastating number lost ... Read more

Sex workers: artists or prostitutes?

[caption id="attachment_14049" align="aligncenter" width="1984"] Valentina Nappi, Bella French and Orgy statues in Khajuraho[/caption] Take music language: every note can be played at higher or lower octaves. Same note, different effects. We could say the same things for words. Every word can be used at different octaves, higher or lower. Take the word 'love': it can be used for physical love, connecting it with concept like sex and possession... Read more

Sex workers rights don’t bring you votes

Conner Habib, "occult philosopher and sexual liberationist", last week answered to Bernie Sanders after he started following him: Will ever Bernie Sanders or any other high level politician talk about sex workers rights? There is a social stigma against the sex workers, and at the same time most of people consume porn daily. I mean billions of people. Porn embodies the contradictions and the major hypocrisies of our times. And the conse... Read more

Do what the sex educator says, walk against HIV

If you google “HIV porn” you will find very similar articles published every 2 or 3 years: “HIV scares porn industry”, or “Porn Industry shuts down after HIV positive test”. It’s  a massive threat for industry workers and we have to support the fight against it. Porn star, director and sex educator Jessica Drake is in the forefront in this fight, promoting donations and events, like tomorrow’s AIDS walk in Los Angeles. She will be walking the ... Read more

For Porn Performers: Tell Your Friends, This Can Really Help

Take care of yourself If you work in the adult entertainment industry, you may have heard about the number of suicides in the last years. You know about abuses and harassment, or maybe you lived them yourself. You know about the risk of being exploited and the fear to protesting and being blacklisted. And of course you know what social stigma is, probably more than every other kind of worker in the world. Knowing is not enough to face it if i... Read more

“Be So Fucking Proud of What You Do”

Paths of Emancipation in the Sex Workers Jungle Free online porn changed everything in the adult entertainment industry. Tons of videos, no more money around. If you ask the survivors, they will tell you about harsh times. Then, slowly, the new environment presented some possibilities to the braves. But still, tough industry. Imagine someone joining this kind of environment saying: 'I want to provide tools for adult performers to be safe, fee... Read more

Social Media Porn Wars

Online porn is a global phenomenon. If we count online porn as a whole, after the first social media in the world and the first video sharing website in the world, there is porn. What's happening now? We have problems with porn and social media. Too many nipples around the mainstream platforms. What then? the answer is easy: porn has to respect terms and conditions. Fine. Everybody would agree with this. But that would be too simple. Wha... Read more

Imagine Porn Performers Unite

Have you ever thought about the reality behind porn, in every day porn movie set? If you don't care at all about it, and don't want to think about it, I hope at least you spend some money for it. At least you're doing something good for the industry. Statistics say you probably don't.   But if you care about porn industry working conditions, performers mental and physical health, economic and social wellbeing, we should talk about what... Read more

Listen To Your Porn Stars

Take five minutes from your masturbation time. Porn stars have a mind, and it's in danger. You always knew it's a tough job, if you thought about it. It has always been, but now some porn stars started talking about it. Mental health issues are real. The news is actually the fact that someone is speaking. Yes my friend, porn stars can speak, and with a flowery language sometimes. So please listen to your porn stars, they are saying that there is... Read more

Top 20 Black Pornstars of 2019

Top 20 Black Pornstars 2019This is ThePornMap's 2019 listing of the 20 best black pornstars across the industry. We feel it's important to make at least some effort to support not just the premium studios making content in the styles you like, but also the stars you think are the most beautiful or the most skillful – wherever they make content! Of course, it's also nice to just be able to celebrate someone's public career sometimes – and a fan following, we're sure, can he... Read more

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