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Apetube doesn’t host any porn, but there are millions of videos available through their site from many other sources. The exact number is unknown, but if you search for broad terms such as “milf” and “doggystyle”, expect to see more than a million results as well as some exciting suggestions for refining your search. On the homepage, you’ll see the thumbnails that represent the categories but sadly provide no additional information. Apetube offers straight, gay and shemale porn, so before proceeding to the categories, make sure to uncheck any of those options to find the kind of porn you desire. Use the search box, click on the dropdown menu or pick the category you want. There are plenty of search options! You can sort the videos based on their upload date, popularity or duration and you can even apply additional filters. Search for HD porn, for scenes between 10 and 20 minutes long or for ones specifically hosted on 4tube and so on. The design of the website is nothing special, but on the other hand we didn’t see any ads on Apetube and their website is very mobile-friendly.


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