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Asian 18

Asian 18
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Asian 18 might be a bit of a misleading name – this site doesn’t focus on only the youngest porn stars, but actually features MILFs and others next to teens, so the focus is squarely on that ‘Asian’ in the name. There are around two hundred videos on offer here, and each lasts around twenty five minutes. There are some higher resolutions on offer on many of these videos, like 720p or “HD Ready”, but no full HD content. Meanwhile, there are no galleries to enjoy. On the other hand, you get an entire network as a bonus with your membership, but there is a lot of content overlap. You can save your favorites, too.

Unfortunately, not all is rosy. The content isn’t properly exclusive, and there’s no download option whatsoever. Also, the updates seem to have stopped entirely, rather tarnishing the deal that the site is attempting to offer. Still, you can’t have everything in life or in porn, and Asian 18 has plenty of sbolutely great content to offer. Keep those drawbacks in mind when making any decision on this site but, if knowing the concerns, you’re still interested, I feel that we can fairly offer you our recommendation to Asian 18.

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  • Amount: 268
  • Incosistent updates
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Format: MP4 – 8000 kbit/s
  • Avg. Lenght: 30 minutes


  • Amount: 17
  • Incosistent updates
  • Resolution: 1280x960px
  • Format: JPG
  • Pics x Set: 10


  • Amount: 200+
  • Body Types: From thin to average
  • Ages: 18-30+
  • Asian models
  • From amateurs to semi pros


  • No Limit Download!
  • Smooth Streaming Playback
  • Mobile Friendly


  • 78%
    Quantity - 78%
  • 88%
    Quality - 88%
  • 72%
    Updates - 72%
  • 81%
    Usability - 81%
  • 89%
    Value - 89%

Overall Rating


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[Rebills at $29.95/mo. until cancelled]
1 Month:
[Rebills every month at $29.95]
3 Months:
[Rebills every month at $29.95]
12 Months:
[Rebills every month at $29.95]

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