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Babepedia has hit on a key factor in the consumption of porn, that almost all of us can make fantastic use of. It’s not a porn site per se, but instead an index of porn stars so that you can find and follow your favorites – even if they happen to have retired already. Unfortunately, that also means that most of the metrics by which we evaluate these sites are inapplicable here, so hold on tight and I’ll try to make sure you can follow. There are top lists both overall and in certain niches, randoms, free galleries, Twisty’s Treat and Playboy Playmate records, and even some model biographies. The whole site is quite free to use and enjoy, even on mobile devices.

There are of course downsides here. More bios need to be written, and that’s because of another slight drawback: Babepedia’s content is primarily fan-created and fan-driven. In other words there’s no team behind the site and the content can be spotty and even occasionally wrong. At the end of the day, however, Babepedia is a great option for finding and folowing new favorite models.

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