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Bright Desire

Bright Desire
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Bright Desire is a premium porn website with erotic videos that are both hot and artistic. The website is aimed at women, but we feel that anyone can enjoy them, regardless of the gender and sexual orientation. The scenes contain many artistic details, they are not misogynistic like some other mainstream porn and they show people having sex in a very realistic way, like they would do if they were home with their lover/spouse. Everything is so natural and feels genuine so you can easily relax and be immersed into these scenes. Bright Desire has over 350 porn videos and more than 120 photo sets. The photos are medium-res, but good. To our surprise, there are also a few artistic and humorous scenes that are not pornographic. Most of the videos are in HD and the website keeps steadily growing.
Furthermore, Bright Desire has one whole section that is dedicated to mainstream hardcore porn, called “Under the Bed. We don’t see it as hypocritical, in our opinion Bright Desire simply wants to appeal to a broader audience. Also, the porn in that category is top-notch, no complaints. Besides all of that, Bright Desire has erotic stories, a blog and even some interviews with the models. The navigation is not difficult and we liked their design. It’s easy to search for porn and Bright Desire has a separate photo section. On a more negative side, not all content is exclusive and there’s no advanced search and you can’t save your favorites.

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