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FetishPAPA is an interesting wrinkle on the standard porn tube site — it’s all about fetishes. Here you can find both maledom and femaledom BDSM, simple bondage, CBT, cuckolding, extreme toys, face sitting, foot fetish, gapes, humiliation, latex, themed content like nurse play, orgies, piercings, pregnant porn, tattoos, piss, whipping and even more. In point of fact, there are hundreds of tags all together on FetishPAPA. If that were allĀ  I’d have very good things to say about FetishPAPA, because legitimate tube sites for BDSM fetishes are rare, but I have even better things to add.

At FetishPAPA you’ll find a little more advertising than I prefer, and some popups. This is unfortunate, but on the other hand navigation is excellent. Getting around FetishPAPA is also easy, and there are pages for whatever happens to be hot at the give time that you’re browsing. There are voting features, favorites, sharing, playlists, and a watch-later list, though most of course require an account. Accounts at FetishPAPA are nicely free. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t recommend this site to anyone looking for a full-featured, fetish-focused, free tube site — don’t miss out on FetishPAPA if you have a taste for these niches.

Visit: FetishPapa

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