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Latina Chicks

Latina Chicks
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Latina Chicks is a free Latina porn tube site, with an excellent simplified navigation inteface and around two hundred videos. Many of the videos are pulled from elsewhere, but you can watch them on the site itself with no trouble. Advertising is of course ever-present on any free site; I noticed not only ads lurking in the list (any “video” without a timestamp is probably an ad, for example), and several popups around the site. There are no categories, but there are tags below each video (I didn’t notice any way to browse the tag list itself) and a nice index of porn stars.

There are better premium options out there, but Latina Chicks is far from a bad free alternative, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time with the site. I know that I did. I can’t fault them on design, and I can’t be too harsh about ads on a free site, so it’s not bad at all, overall.

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