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LobsterTube is a porn search engine with millions of clips in it’s archive, and a member of the TubeGalore network. When you visit the website, you’ll see a search box and a dropdown menu with some interesting options, right below that you’ll find the list of categories with the most popular niches. Lobster Tube has a lot of them, more than a thousand. Category thumbnails don’t show any information, so you’ll have to click on the category you happen to be interested in and find out more by yourself, but that’s quite usual with sites of this sort. However, once you open the category you want, you’ll get very exciting search options: sort the results by their duration, upload date or popularity and take advantage of some cool filters. Filter the results by their source, quality (there’s an HD filter) and be more specific when it comes to their upload date and duration. Lobster Tube has a usual, not very modern, site design but there are no ads and everything works without any problems. It’s worth noting that the website is perfectly mobile-friendly. In our opinion, LobsterTube is a great website for finding porn!

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