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We’ve looked at a lot of MILF reality hardcore sites on The Porn Map, some disappointing and some excellent. But nearly all of them pale before the absolutely fantastic Mylf, which offers cougar scenes, lesbian fun, and masturbation content – to scratch the surface only – all starring gorgeous and phenomenally practiced older women. This is far from an old site – it’s not even been around for a full year yet, but it’s already got well over two hundred videos. Each of these is of massive quality, boasting super-high production standards, an average length of forty five full minutes, and a resolution of 1080p full HD. There is also a photo gallery of around two hundred professional, high-res shots, for each and every one of the videos. You can view or download both the videos and the galleries, quite easily with very compatible MP4s and convenient zip archives.

Updates come in between five and six times per week, which is a phenomenal rate especially for a new site that flat out hasn’t had the time to properly establish itself and doesn’t have a big-name presence in the marketplace as of yet. Plus you get all the tools you need to find just what you want, including tags, sorting, and search, among quite a few others, and all within a fast and intuitive site design that adapts very well to desktop or to mobile. There is a small downside here: Mylf offers a second tier of membership for full access, since a couple of channels are locked away unless you pay a little more.

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What you'll find on MYLF


  • Amount: 220+ Total
  • Updates: Avg. 5-6 per week
  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p
  • Format: MP4 – 12000 kbit/s
  • Avg. Lenght: 45 minutes


  • Amount: 220+ Pic Sets
  • Updates: Avg. 5-6 per week
  • Resolution: 1620x1080px
  • Format: JPG – Avg. 300 MB
  • Pics x Set: Avg. 200 x Set


  • Amount: 115+ Total
  • Body Types: From thin to curvy
  • Ages: 30-50+
  • Ethnicities: Mix of all, mostly white from U.S.
  • From semi pros to pornstars


  • No Limit Download!
  • Smooth Streaming Playback
  • Basic Search
  • Model Index
  • Mobile Friendly


  • 80%
    Quantity - 80%
  • 96%
    Quality - 96%
  • 91%
    Updates - 91%
  • 92%
    Usability - 92%
  • 93%
    Value - 93%

This is one of the few sites where it really doesn't matter if the niche is a favorite. Unless you actively dislike MILFs, we're sure you'll have a great time at Mylf. If they're your favorite, well. In that case you may find yourself attempting to wake from the dream by pinching one of your own limbs – but it really is all real here. This site is already fantastic, and is on a trajectory to get better fast.

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