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Pichunter is the Cliphunter sister site: as the names show, one is focused on pics and the other one on videos. Pichunter is a site wholly focused on as much variety in quality, small galleries, as is humanly possible. To this end, they’ve very naturally pulled their content from many excellent pay sites. Therefore, Pichunter does serve as an advertisement of sorts, with site flags listing a link to the source at the end of galleries, but I think this is a fine trade-off to make when they’ve cherry-picked the best content, and further when this arrangement allows them to minimize the ads and popups that you’ll find on their site. Did I mention the variety? I should go into a little more detail there. PicHunter has added hundreds of tags – quite literally – and I’m certain you’ll find your favorites easily on their categories page. Also, quite a lot of the content is already badged, seemingly quite accurately, as HD.

There’s a lot to like at PicHunter, so long as you’re OK with that business niche they’ve chosen of acting as a sort of extended, very mild advertisement. I certainly enjoyed my time with the site and I’m fairly convinced you will too. If you’re seeking a new photos site, and especially if you’ve also gotten tired of trawling through galleries with hundreds of forgettable pics and would much rather six or twelve very nice ones per gallery, PicHunter will be right up your alley.

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