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VNo ads, no popups
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VMobile Friendly
XNot a traditional porn site

PornSwipe is…. something very different. This pic site is a porn site inspired by the likes of Tinder and similar dating/sex apps that, coming from mobile devices, have put a real focus on content first and rewriting the very concept of navigation. Unfortunately, this means that many of the metrics by which I evaluate porn sites are wholly inapplicable here. There are no ads on the site, save for an unobtrusive source link for each picture, and I noted precisely zero popups. That’s about where my metrics end, with this one.

Why is that? Well, there’s basically no navigation to speak of. The site is primarily one page that displays images you may swipe left and right through. You can scroll down for info – most pics are from established porn sites. There are no categories that you can access, no tags, and so forth. Instead you simply like, dislike, scroll down to see info, or favorite images. I can’t tell you how many images PornSwipe has, or how their collaborative filtering really works in detail. At the end of the day, though, PornSwipe isn’t even supposed to be a normal porn site, so it’d be unfair to rate it that way. At the end of the day, PornSwipe is about being sexually amused while you’re bored, and it’s very, very good at that.

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