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We really would like to not put advertising banners on the Porn Map, but for PureTaboo we must make an exception. In our opinion, this is one of the best sites of the last few years for originality of content, production quality and, really, membership value. We got a good deal with them, and we can offer you a 67% discount on the first month of a subscription, which include access to the whole of the massive AdultTime network too. It really worth it, check it out!


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As with most tube sites, the first thing you’re presented with is a wall of thumbnails representing videos that are new for the month, and currently trending videos. The thumbs have an icon indicating whether the video is in HD, and has a description, average rating, and number of views. When you click on the thumbnails, the videos autoplay, a plus if you’re used to sites that make you click on an ad to play the video. Once there, you’re given the option to rate the video up or down with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, comments, and a link to download the video at various resolutions. In addition, there are several recommended videos based on the category of the video.

Like most popular sites, they have an extensive list of categories for you to enjoy, whether it’s anal, Asian, blowjob, double penetration, gangbang, gay, lesbian, shemales, redheads, milf, and many, many more. They also offer an advanced search in which you can select terms, categories, tags to include or exclude, and filtering by rating, length of the video, number of views, and publication date.

In addition to the videos, they also have a camsex site; if you’re familiar with other camgirl sites, you’re probably familiar with how this works. You can view streams for free, and can chat with the models. Unlike sites like MyFreeCams, where you buy tokens and tip and pay via tokens, RedtubeLive bills by the minute. For example, if a model charges $1.50 per minute, and you stay in a channel for 10 minutes, you are billed $10.50. Yes, it really is that simple!

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