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The Nip Slip is about as cut and dry as one would think, when you think of a site called Nip Slip, you have to go to this one. The fact that they are pulling clips from all over the internet from random celeb sites that contain these pics and videos. The posts on the blog is all about the nip slips and I, myself, did not realize that there were so many celebs on the “nip slip” category. Whether you are a beginner at looking up celebrity nipple slips, or you have made your own library, this is one of those places that has spent their time gathering them from all over the internet, in premium paysites, or free, they took a lot of your work out.

The fact that these ladies didn’t pose for them, makes these sneaky pictures even more attractive, and sexy as hell. The videos and pics here are not bad at all, even for the fact that they send you off to the best paysites they were and are able to find to get right down to it and not spend your whole night hunting them yourself and never finding what you are after. NipSlip seems to have located the ones that are obscure, whichn makes them more reliable as a source for the sexiest nipples.

Visit: TheNipSlip

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