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Beeg is not like most tube sites. You’ve seen them, and been annoyed by them, just as I have. Beeg is different — no obtrusive ads, no popups, no noise in the way of the porn. In point of fact, Beeg’s tagline, that you’ll see in small print on every page below the big logo on the upper right, is “Just Porn.” For a free tube site, Beeg is really an amazing example that might better compete with small pay sites for this reason. Even navigation is simplified and streamlined. There are three main navigation buttons on Beeg: Home, Tags, and the obligatory cams link. You’ll find those in the upper left. There’s also a downright impressive number of tags, hitting all of the major and general themes and model or scene types, lacking only most fetishes.

In the end, Beeg is flat out one of the best free porn tube sites that you can find anywhere on the internet, for all the reasons above. The simplified site design and complete lack of obtrusive advertising is a major benefit in a marketplace of advertising-riddled, often porn-interrupting free tube sites, and for this reason alone, if not any others, Beeg would have a fair shot at being king. When you combine that with the quantity, the impressive variety, and the usually very good quality, if you need a new porn tube site, I’d say to check Beeg first, because that way you might be able to check it last very quickly.

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