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Perfect Girls has a tall promise wrapped into their very title itself. Perfect Girls is indeed another free tube site, so they’ve got challenge on two sides – the other being the crowded marketplace that they’ve chosen to enter and make their play in. With plenty of extensive categories, links to other services, minimal ads and very few popups, I have to admit that I find their offer very strong – if those girls are as perfect as they claim. And, after my look into the site, I can confirm that for the most part they very definitely are.

Perfect Girls has even made sure to include unusual and pleasant features like favorites and others, as well as links to the games site, and meet site they like. That said, in list pages, there is a slight problem in layout since ads are placed in the list itself, rather than off to the side. That said, they’re clearly labeled as ads, and shouldn’t cause any issue behind the longer list pages themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Perfect Girls, and if you want a new free tube site, this one should be high on your list.

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